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Just a normal day with Jinny

just a normal day with jinny

Just another day on the job…. As the manager of 16 degrees south in Vanuatu.

Deliveries to a property in Pangona was the goal of the morning… A range of items including supermarket supplies, agricultural supplies and fresh flowers. Thinking I could pick up the flowers at the market on route I left Vila…ticking off everything on the list except the flowers. Then I worked out that I could pick up my dear friends Sue Sanders kids for an excursion when passing her place, to enable her to pack, so I picked up Jessie and Christopher and we headed for Mele and beyond…

‘Auntie Jinny, can you tell us ship stories’ became the topic of conversation all the way there and back…. But we need the fresh flowers…….. Pull over on the side of the road, meet a lovely Mele lady and ask ‘ mi save baem some flowers samples?’ (‘Can I buy flowers?’) she warmly replies, my sister has flowers at her house in Mele village, I’ll jump in and show you the way…. So off we go.. ship stories’ continue… And we reach the house that has the flowers, 10 mins later we are presented with two bunches of fresh and stunning flowers exchanged for money gratefully appreciated and we are off again….

Now cruising down Devil’s point road and just as we pass an old lady walking with her 3 grandchildren… The rain decides to come pouring down…. Stop… Jump in… Can’t have these dear people walking for kilometres in this weather… All the while “auntie Jinny, keep going with the ship story”….out they get at Bukura and onto the property…. Fresh flowers, groceries and items delivered…. And it is back on the return trip…. With the ship stories’ continuing ( just as well there is 3 ships cos it makes for many stories)… Hold up… We pass a man heading to town holding a live chicken… We have room… I can’t drive pass a dear man who is flagging me down…. Hop in…. And hear some ship stories’ with ya live chicken in hand….

Then delivered the man with the live chicken, the boys to their mum and head back to Vila to welcome guests to another property….

And what can you take from this…

Ni Vanuatu people are so willing to help (a woman I’ve never met jumping in my car and taking me into the heart of Mele village to get me bunches of flowers),

There are always stories to be told if you make them happen in the first place…

Offering a ride can bless someone.

A day in the life of Jinny Ruben is never dull or boring…. But I think you all knew that anyway.


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